Get involved at UT Austin

Campus Environmental Center
The Campus Environmental Center (CEC) is a community of students who explore, learn about, and act on contemporary environmental issues on campus and in the Austin area. We welcome diverse interests, ideas, and perspectives as we grow together to become effective environmental change-makers now and in the future. Our mission is to empower the University of Texas at Austin community to pursue a genuine culture of environmental sustainability through constructive and dynamic means. To that end, we support the Environmental Justice Collective. Campfires (meetings) are every other Tuesday at 6pm. Contact for more information.

Environmental Justice and EcoTherapy
Started by social work students at UT Austin, the Environmental Justice and Ecotherapy student organization seeks to expand education and awareness, and to promote engagement and action around ecotherapy practices and environmental justice issues within the field of social work, our school, and our broader communities. The organization will host speakers on the topics, facilitate workshops, and attend relevant events in the community.

Students Fighting Climate Change
Students Fighting Climate Change strives to create an inclusive, positive community for climate action to give people hope and humanize one another as we all face the climate crisis. We provide a platform for members to learn about, politically engage in and become an activist for climate change. We work in cooperation with UT to get the administration to publicly acknowledge the severity of the climate crisis and the inevitable effects on the student body so UT can become a leader in climate change acknowledgment and action. We are building a movement to build our future.

Engineers for a Sustainable World
Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) mobilizes engineers and non-engineers through education, training, and action. We build collaborative partnerships to meet the needs of current and future generations. We strive to promote sustainability in our community and organization with events and technical projects. These provide a framework to pursue sustainable goals! We’re honored to be part of a nation-wide network of professionals dedicated to building a better world. Our vision is a world in which engineering fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability to improve both the quality of life and the condition of our planet. Contact for more information.

Global Water Brigades at UT
Global Water Brigades at UT is intended to mobilize ideas and action for clean water access and partner with local water organizations to increase access to clean water in Austin. Students fundraise throughout the year in order to implement water brigades in partnership with Global Water Brigades to construct water systems in rural communities, and volunteer with local organizations to benefit the ATX community. Contact for more information.

Texas Rising
Texas Rising is a nonpartisan political organization focused on building the political power of young people across Texas. Our organization focuses on advocating on issues such as climate justice, voting rights, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ equality, migrant justice, and criminal justice reform. To do this, we create a collaborative space for young people to organize and advocate around these issues in their own way. That includes voter registration, get out the vote efforts, issue education, grassroots lobbying and direct actions. Contact for more information.

Urban Studies Society
The Urban Studies Society is an interdisciplinary organization for students of all majors who share a common interest in urban issues, ranging from affordable housing and economic development to transportation and sustainability. We aim to enrich our members’ classroom learning and on-campus community with biweekly meetings featuring local subject matter experts, visits to local sites of interest, service opportunities, and social events. Contact for more information.

Women’s Relief Initiative
Women’s Relief Initiative’s mission is to provide menstrual aid that empowers women, sustains the environment, and uplifts under-resourced communities. We work to educate women on the topic of menstruation and alongside that, we are developing a biodegradable menstrual pad product. Contact for more information.